About Us

slr-main-photoSLR Models was started in 2016 by the owners of Southgate Light Railway, Rob & Nicki. Southgate Light Railway is a small private 16mm scale garden railway.

Early in 2016 we wanted a station name sign and noticed that there were very few places to buy these from, so we decided to make our own. With help from a family member we designed 2 station signs and got them 3D printed, but then started to want other things. In the end we got ourselves a 3D printer, this gave us freedom to experiment. After talking to a few fellow 16mm modellers we discovered that we weren’t the only ones wanting custom items. The idea of SLR Models was born, the aim … to create items for garden railways which you can’t get anywhere else. Perfecting the items took time and patience but with practice comes creativity! Other items then started to be added to the collection and eventually working lamps. A contact made after a trip to Wales enabled the creation of an accurate scale model for the Penrhyn lamp and hopefully other items in the future.

Of course there are always other ideas in the pipelines and any ideas are always welcome, however obscure! Here’s to the future …