Durable Resin

Used for most items with fine detail

  • Has some flexibility
  • Good resistance to knocks and falls
  • Can be drilled and tapped, with relatively strong threads

High Temperature Resin

Used for items which will come into contact with hot surfaces

  • Can resist temperatures up to 130°C
  • Some resistance to knocks and falls
  • Larger bodies can be drilled and tapped but threads are relatively weak

Durable Filament

Used for most items which don't require fine detail

  • Strengthened form of ABS
  • Can resist temperatures up to 100°C
  • Can be drilled and tapped, with relatively strong threads
  • Very good resistance to knocks and falls

Standard Filament

Used for items which don't need any extra strength

  • Pure ABS filament
  • Can be drilled and tapped but threads are relatively weak
  • Resistant to knocks and falls but may chip or dent

Resin vs Filament

Resin and filament are two different materials that are used in 3D printing. Resin is a liquid which is cured in layers using UV light to create a solid object, whereas filament is a solid which is melted and extruded in layers to create a 3D item.

Printing in resin gives us the ability to print smaller items and much finer detail than is possible in filament, but resin parts can be more brittle. We pride ourselves in producing items that are durable and our filament products have already demonstrated this over many years of use. So when we started to move to resin printing we set out to test many different resins to find the right balance of properties.

Our Durable Resin is used for the majority of our resin models, and comes with properties very close to our Durable Filament. Where temperature is of concern, we use our High Temperature Resin which can withstand temperatures up to 130°C. This make it ideal for items to be used on live steam models, such as our working lamps.

Filament is still ultimately more durable, so for any purely functional or non detail critical products, we continue to use our Durable Filament.

ABS vs PLA Filament

PLA is the most commonly used 3D printing filament as it’s the easiest material to print with. Which means getting good print results is easier, and as a result cheaper. However PLA has a number of downsides, especially when it comes to durability and temperature resistance. ABS is commonly used by the industry for toys, household appliances or automotive parts, all of which take a beating.

Here at SLR Models, we know our products are going to spend a lot of time outside in the garden, where the durability of the product is key to its longevity. Which is why we only use ABS based filaments for our filament printed models. Using professional printers, and perfecting our printing processes, we’re able to reliable produce quality products in ABS.

Our standard filament is pure ABS, but we also use a special strengthened ABS filament. This Durable Filament enhances a number of the qualities of standard ABS based filaments, while still producing the same quality models.