Charles Buffers


A pair of unpainted buffers to fit a Roundhouse Charles.

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This pair of unpainted buffers are based on the buffers on Charles in the Penrhyn Castle Museum. They have mounts to fit a Roundhouse Charles with standard Roundhouse buffer mounts. Each buffer has a cutout of the backplate to fit over the shaping in the Roundhouse bufferbeam overlays. The shackles are separate pieces which clip onto the bottom of the buffer, these can be glued in place if required but are cosmetic only. The kit comes with a length of brass to create a hook for coupling to wagons

The front and rear buffers have different length mounts and are marked with an “F” and “R” for easy identification.

Dimensions (mm):

Front Buffer Rear Buffer
Buffer Face Diameter 21 21
Bufferbeam to Buffer Face 17.5 17.5
Backplate Width 29.5 29.5
Full Height with Shackle 27.5 27.5
Backplate to Mount Hole Centre 9.5 8


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