Roundhouse Harrogate 10mm Socket


Supplied unpainted, some cleanup maybe required.

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Everyone who owns a Roundhouse Harrogate will know that Roundhouse supply it with a 10mm socket so that you can fill your lovely model with water, which is pretty essential for running it. While this is a very nice screwdriver socket, it’s a bit on the bulky side and storing it alongside your loco is tricky. Which is why we’ve made this 10mm socket handle, designed especially for removing the water top up valve from your Harrogate.

The handle is far lighter than the metal one provided by Roundhouse, but plenty strong enough to nip up the water top up. It’s supplied with a post which can be screwed to the base of your loco storage box. Allowing you to store the handle alongside your loco so it’s always where it’s needed.

Plus, you gain a great 10mm socket screwdriver for your workshop! Win Win.


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