Rear Post Station Sign


A custom single-sided station name sign with separate rear posts. Please read the full description for more details.

Rear Post × 2


The box is limited to 14 characters as we are limited on how long the sign can be. If you need a longer name or any change to the standard size/options then please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

You will receive a preview by email after ordering, we can also give you the overall length of the sign at this time.

Note: Please enter the name exactly as you would like it on the sign, including any spaces or special characters. For example, to have the sign in capitals then you must enter STONEYHOLME rather than Stoneyholme.

Approx Nameboard Dimensions (mm):
Nameboard Height: 23
Nameboard Depth: 5

Rear posts are available in two styles: Round or Square

Post Dimensions (mm):
Post length: 90
Post width/diameter: 6
Bracket width: 16

Additional information

Rear Post

Post Style

Round, Square


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