Double Sided End Post Station Name


A custom double-sided station name sign with end posts. Please read the full description for more details.


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This is a custom station sign with posts on the ends of the sign. These are unpainted and made to order, simply enter the name you would like in the box. Pick either round or square posts and choose from a selection of post tops.

Round Top 1 Round Top 2 Square Top 1 Square Top 2 Square Top 3

The box is limited to 14 characters as we are limited on how long the sign can be. If you need a longer name or any change to the standard size/options then please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. If you require a confirmation of how long your sign would be then please contact us before you place the order.

Note: Please enter the name exactly as you would like it on the sign, including any spaces or special characters. For example, to have the sign in capitals then you must enter STONEYHOLME rather than Stoneyholme.

The double sided sign is supplied in two parts: one with the name and posts, and a second of just a name plate. You just need to stick the name plate to the rear to make your double sided station name. Some filing my be required for the parts to fit together.

Approx dimensions (mm):
Nameboard Height: 20
Post Length (from base of nameboard): 70
Nameboard Depth: 5
Max Depth: 11

Additional information

Post Style

Round, Square

Top Style

No Top, RD Style 1, RD Style 2, SQ Style 1, SQ Style 2, SQ Style 3


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