Axle Clip System


A storage system without the need for packing. Made to order.

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This guide will help you decide which truck holder you require for your stock. Our current range covers Accucraft & IP stock with 3mm or 1/8 axles at 32mm or 45mm.

First let’s explain how the system works. The clips are designed to grip the wagons axle and hold the wheels in place. The tension of the clip means they stay in place in your boxes but can be removed easily without excess force. This results in a storage system with zero packing required! Take a look at our product video below.

We have multiple styles of clips to suit both Accucraft and IP trucks. When choosing your clip, choose the correct wheel diameter and make. Accucraft clips come with and without side supports. We’ve found side supports are required for certain trucks which have a large amount of side movement when using the 32mm wheel set. The side supports push up against the axle boxes, this holds the truck in the middle and stops side to side movement.

All the truck holders have two M3 threads in the base to be fixed down to your chosen storage box.

The clips are sold in pairs and are made to order. If you need any help deciding which clip is required for your stock please contact us.

Additional information

Wheel Gauge

32mm, 45mm

Axle Size

Accucraft – 5mm, IP Eng – 1/8"

Wheel Diameter

25mm, 30mm

Clip Style

With Supports, Without Supports


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