Traversing Jack


An unpainted traversing jack supplied in two parts

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This traversing jack has been designed from the jack found on Harrogate, stabled at the Statfold Barn Railway. It’s been designed as a upgrade to the jack supplied by Roundhouse on their Harrogate model, but can be used on any loco, or put in a P Way wagon or works yard.

The top of the jack is supplied loose, allowing you to glue it to the jack at an angle of your choosing. An M2 thread in the base allows the jack to be installed on a Roundhouse Harrogate with the supplied M2x5mm screw, replacing the cast jack provided by roundhouse.

Please note, care must be taken when using the M2 thread in the base as the thead only reaches 4mm in to the base of the jack and if the wrong length screw is installed the jack can be damaged.

Dimensions (mm) 16mm Scale 7/8ths Scale
Length 32 42
Width 12.5 16
Height 25.5 33

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16mm, 7/8ths


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