Ffestiniog Double Aspect Lamp


A fully finished and working rear mounted Ffestiniog Double Aspect Lamp


This is a replica of a Ffestiniog Double Aspect Lamp. The lamp features a working front lens, along with a non-working rear lens. The mount for this lamp is designed to fit over a normal rear mount lamp iron, but provide the look of a lamp mounted with the Ffestiniog square mount, as found on single and double fairlies. The lamp is powered off 2 internal batteries and, during testing, has been found to last at least 14 hours. The lamp comes fully painted and assembled with a spare battery set.

The lamp can be bought with a black, white or red body.

There are 2 colours of light for this lamp: Warm white or Red.

Dimensions (mm) 16mm Scale
Height (including handle & mount) 32
Width 11
Depth 15
Battery Type 2x AG4
Please Note: These lamps have been tested on the smoke box of Roundhouse live steam locos, however we advise you place the lamp on a cooler surface were possible to avoid damage long term.

Operation and battery change videos coming soon

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Lamp Body Colour

Black, White, Red

Lamp Light Colour

Red, Warm White


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