Rear Mount Round Lamp



This model is based on a commonly found round lamp used on railway locomotives. The lamp is powered off 2 internal batteries and, during testing, has been found to last at least 14 hours. The lamp comes fully painted and assembled with a spare battery set.

The lamp can be bought with a black, white or red body.

There are 2 colours of light for this lamp: Warm white or Red.

This lamp operates in the same way as our Rear Mount Loco Lamp. Videos showing operation and battery replacement are at the bottom of the page.

Approx dimensions (mm):
Height: 24.5
Width: 12.5
Depth: 18

Battery Type: AG4

Please Note: Our lamps have been tested on the smoke box of Roundhouse live steam locos, however we advise you place the lamp on a cooler surface were possible to avoid damage long term.

See the lamp in action (click HERE if video doesn’t show)

How to change the battery (click HERE if video doesn’t show)

Additional information

Weight 7 g
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 41 mm
Lamp Body Colour

Black, White, Red

Lamp Light Colour

Red, Warm White


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