Flashing Safety Light


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If you’ve had a recent health and safety report, you’ll no doubt be advised to adorn your P-Way diesel with a safety light! So here you are.

This kit includes the following:

  • Light Base
  • Lens Top
  • Flashing Amber LED
Assembly Instructions
  1. Paint the base to the required colour (Prime using plastic primer)
  2. Put the LED legs through the base with the rim facing up towards the LED. The LED sits in to the base.
  3. Place the lens on the LED and push down until it sits on to the base. A small amount of glue can be used at this point to secure the lens.
  4. The LED needs a current limit resistor to protect it. Use the following website calculator to determine the correct size, stating your supply voltage. Keep in mind your supply voltage will likely change depending on the battery state. So err on the side of caution and pick a higher rather than smaller value if it doesn’t match a common size.
    • LED Forward Current: 20ma
    • LED Forward Voltage: 2v
  5. Heat shrink at least one of the LED legs to prevent them touching.

Approx dimensions (mm):
Height: 11.5
Diameter: 9.5 (At the rim)

Here is a short video of the finished light in action. (click HERE if video doesn’t show)


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